General Specifications
General Specifications
FUJITSU  Product catalog
General Specifications
Fujitsu wall mounted indoor unit
Fujitsu single zone outdoor unit
Fujitsu ductless multi zone wall mount
Fujitsu ductless AC multi zone compact cassette
Fujitsu AC multi zone outdoor unit
Fujitsu universal mounted air conditioner
Fujitsu universal mounted air conditioner
Fujitsu large ceiling suspended ductless AC
Fujitsu large outdoor air conditioner
Fujitsu multi zone concealed air conditioner
Fujitsu flat ceiling cassette
Fujitsu outdoor unit
Fujitsu dual fan condenser
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Energy Star
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General Specifications
General Specifications
Wall Mount
Multi Zone
Universal mount
Large ceiling suspended
Flat ceiling cassette
General Specifications
Fujitsu 9RL, 12RL
Wall Mount High SEER 9,000 - 12,000 BTU (heating & cooling)
9RLS - 9,000 BTU,   12RLS -12,000 BTU,
Fujitsu 9RLS outdoor unit
Fujitsu 9RLS wall mount indoor unit
General Specifications
Fujitsu 15RLQ and 18RLQ are highly energy efficient up to 20 SEER, Indoor
Air quality. Ideal for small and medium size rooms, Heating and cooling heat
pump, Inverter control. Ideal for residential and light commercial applications.
Fujitsu 15RLQ is energy star model qualified for federal tax credit.
IAQ create comfortable environment by removing airborne irritants, odors and allergens
such as cigarette smoke, dust, pollen, mold spores and pet dander.
Fujitsu models: 24RLXQ and 30 RLXQ are ultra compact yet efficient, these
systems provide heating and cooling ideal for medium to large space.
Highly energy efficient fully inverter technology reaches desired
temperature quickly and efficiently, Low ambient operates up to zero
degree in heating and cooling mode. This heat pump provides 13%
additional available heat when compared to convectional models.
General specifications
Fujitsu 9CQ outdoor unit
Fujitsu 9CQ wall mount unit
Fujitsu 24RLXQ ductless AC system
Fujitsu 24CL, 30CLX, 36CLX  ductless air conditioner
Fujitsu 18CL ductless system
Fujitsu multi zone AC system
Fujitsu outdoor unit 42RCLX
Fujitsu swing Louvres cassette AC
Fujitsu outdoor unit - 18RCLX, 24RCLX 36RCLX
Fujitsu wired remote control
Energy Star
Energy Star
2010 Energy star qualified for federal tax credit
Wall Mount 24,000 - 30,000 BTU (heating & cooling) IAQ
24RLXQ - 24,000 BTU,     30RLXQ - 30,000 BTU,
Fujitsu product catalog 2012
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R-410A Refrigerant
optimized for maximum performance

Fujitsu systems operates with R-410A
refrigerant, fast growing the industry
standard of future due to its energy efficient
in addition to zero-ozone-depleting
properties, resulting in greater performance
and lower energy loss.
9RL, 12RL
24CL, 30CLX, 36CLX
Fujitsu multi-zone
Fujitsu 9CQ, 12CQ
Fujitsu 9RL, 12RL ductless AC
Fujitsu 15RLQ outdoor unit
Fujitsu 15RLQ indoor unit
Fujitsu 15RLQ
Fujitsu 24RLXQ
Fujitsu 18CL
Fujitsu 24CL, 30CLX, 36CLX
Fujitsu Multi zone
Swing louvers cassette
Wired Remote
Outdoor cassette units
Fujitsu ductless split air conditioners & heat pumps

Fujitsu heating and cooling system deliver improved efficiency & performance. The Fujitsu ductless Air conditioner split system
is a perfect fit for homes including small business, easy to install, comfortable to manage, Available in air-cooled condensing
only, either Heat pump (heating & cooling). Split heat pump is an air conditioning system that acts as a heater in the winter and
air conditioning in summer. Fujitsu wide selections of indoor and outdoor units creates a wide range of combinations for
ultimate flexibility, enabling personalized comfort whenever you are, Designed to provide the quietest possible operation for
both: indoor and outdoor environment, Year-round energy saving, flexibility of installation and use are just a few benefits of the
Fujitsu systems
2009 Energy star qualified for federal tax credit
2009 - 2010 Energy star qualified for federal tax credit
2011 / 2012 Fujitsu models qualifying for Federal Tax credit --$300
FUJITSU ENERGY STAR Tax Credit information
Fujitsu 9RLS
Fujitsu 12RLS
Fujitsu 18RLXFW
Fujitsu AOU18RLXFZ + (2) ASU9RLF
Fujitsu 24RLXFW
HFI systems
Fujitsu 48,000 Btu outdoor unit
compact ceiling cassette
slim duct indoor unit
wall mount indoor unit
ceiling cassette fitting tile
wired remote control
HFI Fujitsu Halcyon Hybrid Flex inverter up to 8 zone heating & cooling system

Fujitsu HFI system allows connections of 8 indoor units to single condenser,
creating 8 individual zones. The HFI system provides heating and cooling for all
year round comfort. Indoor units type choices – Wall mounted, Compact
cassette and slim duct concealed unit. A central remote control allows 8 indoor
units from one keypad. Create variety of combinations, quantity, type and
capacity to meet the right choice for your application. High efficiency, Inverter
technology allows the main outdoor unit to vary its speed and the required
capacity of the indoor units. The inverter technology enable to achieve 30% more
efficiency compared to conventional models, results in lower operation cost.

The HFI system is rated at 48,000 Btu in cooling and 54,000 Btu in heating
mode, with ratio up to 130% maximum 62,000 BTU's of rated indoor units
capacity to the outdoor unit, However if all indoor units operates at the same
time it will decrease to match the total capacity of the outdoor unit.
The Fujitsu flat ceiling cassette models: 18RCLX, 24RCLX, 30RCLX and 42RCLX are
discrete, only the grill showing in the ceiling. Latest fan technology distributes the
conditioned air evenly throughout the room.
The Ceiling cassette system provide heating & cooling and are popular for light
commercial applications such as offices, conference rooms, restaurants, night-clubs
and bars, as well as new construction condominiums and homes.
Flat Ceiling cassette (heating & cooling)
18RCLX - 18,000 BTU,    24RCLX -24,000 BTU,    36RCLX - 36,000 BTU,
42RCLX - 42,000 BTU
FUJITSU multi zone, one outdoor unit 24.000 or 36.000 BTU connected to either
2, 3 or 4 rooms, combine with indoor units, choices wall mounted, concealed
ceiling, or compact cassette, capacity range 9.000, 12.000 or 18.000 BTU,
Choose from either a wall mounted, compact cassette or concealed ceiling
unit for either a showcased or hidden look
Ductless multi zone air conditioners systems are the most advanced
system of today. Handle extreme temperature in heating and cooling mode,
reach desired temperature faster compare to conventional AC, more economic to
operate and are 30% more efficient than central AC.
One outdoor unit can power up to 4 indoor units simultaneously or one at a
time, load the right capacity for each indoor unit separately and will save
energy when not all 4 indoor unites in use, yet still remain high energy
Multi-Zone - 2, 3, and 4 zones  (heating & cooling)
ASU9RMLQ - 9,000 BTU,            ASU12RMLQ - 12,000 BTU,         ASU18RMLQ - 18,000 BTU,    
ARU9RML - 9,000 BTU,              ARU12RML - 12,000 BTU,            ARU18RML - 18,000 BTU,     
AOU24RML1 - 24,000 BTU,      AOU36RML1 - 36,000 BTU,    
Slim elegant and esthetically design, mounted on the wall, design for single
room, variable speed compressor, Inverter technology,
quitter and more economical to operate compare to conventional systems, even
in extreme temperature, faster to reach desired temperature.
Inverter control, variable speed can achieves more than 30% in efficiency, reduce the
energy consumption by one-third
Wall mount  18,000 - 36,000 BTU (cooling only)
18CL - 18.000 BTU,   24CL - 24,000 BTU,    30CLX - 30,000 BTU,   36CLX - 36,000 BTU,
Wall Mount 15,000 - 18,000 BTU (heating & cooling) IAQ
15RLQ -15,000 BTU,    18RLQ -18,0000 BTU,
Fujitsu 9RL and 12RL both rated at 20 SEER single zone,
provide heating & cooling , The indoor unit shorter in length make it easy to install, both
systems are Energy Star. Inverter control and variable speed compressor,Quite
Wall Mount 9,000 - 12,000 (heating & cooling)
9RL - 9,000 BTU,   12RL - 12,000 BTU,
High energy efficient, wall mounted, Models: 9CQ, 9RQ, 9RLQ and 12 RLQ are energy star.
Models: 9RLQ and 12RLQ are fully Inverter, required less energy to operate, both units
rated 21 SEER. Enable to reach desired temperature quickly and more efficiently. As
higher the SEER is as more efficient the system, result in lower operating costs. High
efficiency systems increase heating & cooling performance.
IAQ models features - Plasma filter, auto mode, humidity control, washable filter and quite
Wall Mount 9,000 - 12,000 BTU (heating or cooling) IAQ  Indoor Air Quality
9CQ - 9,000 BTU,     12CQ - 12,000 BTU,     (Cooling only 115v)    Inverter control
9RQ - 9,000 BTU,     12RQ - 12,000 BTU,     (cooling & heating)    Inverter control
9RLQ - 9,000 BTU,   12RLQ - 12,000 BTU,   (cooling & heating)    full inverter
Depletion potential R-410A refrigerant,  Further cost reductions are achieved
from the energy efficient benefits of Fujitsu inverter technology offering
outstanding energy efficiency.
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Manufacture certification statement 2011
Simple easy installation

Simple installation easily located outdoor
units and a connected pair of refrigerant
lines, these lines slides into a small
3-inch opening through a wall or ceiling
connecting to a wall-mounted, compact
cassette or a slim-built -in indoor unit.
There are few electrical connections to
make, allow system installation in a
minimal amount of time - in many cases,
on average, in a single day's work.
Single & Multi zone choices

Whether planning an add-on either new construction, Fujitsu systems
will keep you comfortable. Wireless remote controls are standard on all
models. High efficiency singles zone up to 27 SEER. Multi-split outdoor
units enable connections to: 2, 3, 4, and eight zones. Outdoor units
capacities choices: 18, 24, 36, including 48,000 BTU, connections
options: 7,000, 9,000, 12,000, 18,000 and 24,000 Btu. Allowing to heat
and cool, Even area hard to reach. FUJITSU systems are up to 110%
more efficient than 10 SEER models and up to 39% smaller compare
to some other branded models, makes this easy install, also have
them running at minimal cost.
Smart energy usage

FUJITSU Inverter independent zoning systems smartly deliver only
the amount of capacity required, unlike typical full power on/off
systems. By establishing indoor air handlers in every room allows
independent zoning control. Fujitsu air handler can estimate the load
for a specific zone and deliver further efficiency by calculating exact
capacity directly to that space. Compared to conventional ducted AC
systems with long run, powerless to manage unoccupied zone.
Fujitsu smarter sensing technology, microprocessors enhance the
system’s ability to measure room temperature accurately for the
maximum comfort performance, and efficiency.
General specifications
HFI Warranty
HFI warranty pdf file
Fujitsu HFI Hybrid Flex Inverter
Fujitsu HFI
HFI Connectible wall mount indoor units
2-8 Zones
Compact Cassette
Concealed indoor unit
Optional Wired Remote
Fujitsu halcyon
Fujitsu halcyon
Fujitsu 15RLS
Fujitsu outdoor units installed by Pcaific hvac Air conditioner
Fujitsu Multi zone outdoor units installation in NJ
Fujitsu outdoor units heat pump installtion in Queens NY
Fujitsu outdoor units Installed in NJ
Fujitsu Outdoor units installation in Queens NY
Fujitsu Multi zone outdoor units installation in NJ
Fujitsu Energy star systems
Fujitsu Energy star air conditioners
Fujitsu Energy star air conditioners
Fujitsu contractor
EPA certified contractor
Pacific hvac air conditioner logo
Pacific HVAC Air Conditioner
Tel: 201-266-0049
    HVAC services we provide:

  • AC installation: Fujitsu ductless Air conditioning and Heat pump, Single and multi-split up to eight zone, residential and light commercial
  • Applications: Home, Apartments, schools, nursing homes, hotels, office buildings, data rooms, churches
  • Costume HVAC installation in an apartment building. In NYC
  • Air conditioner and heat pump repair: Troubleshooting diagnose and repair non-working air conditioners, plus error code
  • Improve Heating and cooling performance
  • Repair: leaks, wiring control, Thermostat,  also software problems
  • Replace: indoor and outdoor units, compressor, PC board, drain pump,  washable filter, Air quality filter
  • Maintenance: Program that routinely keep your system in good working condition
  • Service agreement: Annually preventive service agreement, either fully service contract cover 100% parts and labor.
Fujitsu 2012 product catalog pdf
Fujitsu Energy star air conditioners
Fujitsu ductless air conditioning, service, installation, ac repair
FUJITSU Air conditioning contractor | Ductless | HVAC service
Ductless Air conditioning contractor| Mini-Split | AC installation | Service & Repair |
Fujitsu 2013 Product Catalog
Fujitsu Energy star air conditioners
Fujitsu Energy star air conditioners
Fujitsu Energy star air conditioners
Fujitsu cost to install mini split
Fujitsu cost to install mini split
Cost to install Fujitsu  Ductless Air conditioning
Fujitsu Energy star air conditioners
Fujitsu AOU18RLXFZ + (1) ASU7RLF + (1) ASU12RLF
Fujitsu AOU18RLXFZ + (1) ASU9RLF + (1) ASU12RLF
Fujitsu AOU24RLXFZ + (2) ASU7RLF + (1) ASU9RLF
IRS Form 5695 for 2011
AHRI Numbers
Authorized Fujitsu Dealer
Fujitsu product catalog 2012
State Rebates / Utility company

Many local utility company offer rebates on
high efficiency qualified systems.

Click on your state to see the rebates offered.
simple easy installtion
single & multi zone
samart energy usage
    Fujitsu Ductless systems benefits

  • Energy efficiency:
    Fujitsu Ductless systems are up to 40 percent further efficient than other type of HVAC systems. Further, since the
    systems are duct-free, duct loss is eliminated, further improving energy saving.

  • Allergies:
    Fujitsu Ductless systems become highly advanced allergen-filtration, including washable filters that eliminate
    contaminants from the air Because those systems require limited to no ductwork, this potential for mold spore, also dust
    accumulating in ducts is reduced or eliminated, results: further air quality improvements

  • Quiet Operation:
    Ductless air conditioners are comprised of an indoor and outdoor unit, which allows for a peaceful inside environment by
    enabling the contractor to set louder components like compressors and motors outdoors.

  • Eliminates hot and cold spots:
    Fujitsu Ductless Air conditioning system’s zoning capability gives homeowners individual control over their comfort in
    each room. Same as Individuals don’t expect to walk into their room, flip a light switch and have all the lights in the house
    turn on at once, so they shouldn’t stand for this from their HVAC systems either.

  • Easy installation:
    For both new construction and retrofits, Ductless split systems are simple to install, they require small to no ductwork,
    reducing demolition in retrofit. Their small footprint and compact size uses up less space than conventional HVAC system.
Fujitsu benefits
Fujitsu 9R2 wall mount system
9,000 Btu Heat pump
Power: 115 V
Fujitsu 9R2 wall mount indoor unit
Specification Submittal
Fujitsu General information
Fujitsu 9R2 outdoor unit
Fujitsu 12R2 wall mount system
12,000 Btu Heat pump
Power: 115 V
Fujitsu 12R2 wall mount indoor unit
Fujitsu 12R2 outdoor unit
Specification Submittal
Fujitsu General information
Information about Fujitsu ductless and ducted Heat pump systems
Fujitsu 9RLS wall mount system
9,000 Btu Heat pump
Power: 208 / 230 V
Specification Submittal
Fujitsu General information
Fujitsu 9RLFW wall mount system
9,000 Btu Heat pump
Power: 208/230V
Fujitsu 9RLFW indoor unit
Fujitsu 9RLFW outdoor unit
Specification Submittal
Fujitsu General information
Fujitsu 9RLFW indoor unit
Fujitsu 12RLFW wall mount system
12,000 Btu Heat pump
Power: 208/230V
Fujitsu 9RLFW indoor unit
Fujitsu 12RLFW outdoor unit
Specification Submittal
Fujitsu General information
Fujitsu 12RLFW indoor unit
Fujitsu 9RLS / 12RLS wall mount indoor unit
Fujitsu 9RLS outdoor unit
Fujitsu 9RLFW
Fujitsu 12RLFW
Fujitsu 9RLS, 12RLS
Fujitsu 12RLS outdoor unit
Fujitsu 12RLS wall mount indoor unit
Energy Star
Fujitsu 12RLS wall mount system
12,000 Btu Heat pump
Power: 208 / 230 V
Specification Submittal
Fujitsu General information
state rebates
Fujitsu_9RLS2_12RLS2_15RLS2. wall mount
Fujitsu 9RLS2, 12RLS2, 15RLS2, wall mount NEW!
9RLS2: spesification Submittal
12RLS2: spesification Submittal
15RLS2: spesification Submittal
Fujitsu General information
Dimensions indoor and outdoor units
Key Features (9RLS2 / 12RLS2 / 15RLS2) ( more details)

  • ESP energy saving program
  • Wireless 7 days programmable remote control
  • Powerful Heating down to - 5°F.
  • Ultra high efficiency up to 27.2 SEER (model 9RLS2)
  • Quite operation outdoor and indoor unit
  • inverter technology vary its speed and capacity to match room temperature
  • Heat pump heating and cooling
9RLS2: SEER 27.2
12RLS2: SEER 25
15RLS2: SEER 21.5
More information at Fujitsu General
9RLS2, 12RLS2, 15RLS2
Key features
low ambient
Fujitsu 9RLS2
Fujitsu 12RLS2
Fujitsu 15RLS2
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FUJITSU 2013 Catalog
Authorized Fujitsu contractor provides - HVAC Service, Air conditioning installation and AC repair for All Fujitsu Ductless HVAC -
Heating & cooling systems in NY & NJ. We are specialized in ductless Air conditioning and heat-pump including single and Multi-zone,
both: residential and commercial applications, Experienced also highly professional technicians promise to provide first class HVAC
service: installation, repair, maintenance, moreover because we are Fujitsu approved contractor, all installed systems qualified to
manufacture warranty.
Fujitsu Energy star air conditioners
R410A refrigerant
Fujitsu benefits
Fujitsu HVAC services
Ductless HVAC
Air conditioning installation
AC Repair